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My life coaching journey began as a way of helping others, but in reality, it was an effort to help myself. After facing some difficult personal life changes and struggles, I realized the value of having someone to talk things with. This gave me a newfound clarity and determination to move forward.

I gained a solid foundation in a variety of life skills, including how to cope under pressure and how to frame challenges in a way that promotes development and empowerment. My decade-long successful corporate career is a testament to this. Over the years, I have developed expertise in helping people to build the right habits that will lead them to success. I use a personalized approach to help people to identify their blind spots, discover their strengths and set goals

In my search for solutions, I came across several Health & Wellness and Life-Coach certification programs that really got to the heart of the issues. For the same reason, I went on to earn my credentials in the area. As I put a lot of effort into coaching individuals, I had to put every technique in my bag to use in order to learn continuously.

Today, through my life coaching practice, I am able to help people grow and develop into the best versions of themselves. Doing this work has been the most fulfilling journey of my life thus far. Seeing the growth and development of the people I work with is very rewarding. I strive to continuously grow and adapt my practice so that I can pass on the clarity, insight, and passion I have gained as a life coach to as many people as possible


As a coach, I think that offering a welcoming, judgment-free environment to my clients is the most beneficial service I can offer, but I also value the relationships I develop with them. With this frame of mind, my clients can speak more candidly and openly about their objectives, principles, and difficulties. As a life and career coach, my main goal is to provide my clients with the knowledge, skills, and assets they need to achieve clarity and confidence in both their personal and professional lives.


A coach may be a suitable option for you if you aren't where you want to be in your life or profession and want someone to help you understand what's holding you back and give you the tools to make positive changes.


Life coach is more than just a mentor or a friend. As a life coach I will be your partner, someone who is there for you during life's most trying times, guiding you and helping you view things differently, improve your strategy, and realize your most ardent dreams. Because most of us are so ingrained in our habits, an objective third party can point them out to us. A life coach is someone who understands these nuances and can assist you in defining yourself.


As a career coach, my major objective is to assist clients in gaining clarity and confidence over their intended path of action. A career coach can be useful at any point of a person's career. Even while the majority of my clients are unhappy and actively seeking change, I have also helped many people who are already experiencing great success but want to advance to the next level. I've also helped a lot of individuals who are in the middle; they don't want to change careers, but they do want to learn how to handle difficult situations at work.


Joe Panicker

I think one should be really fortunate to have the guidance and counsel from Someone like Ruchi with her real world experience over 20 years. Get in touch with her if you want to find out ways you can optimise your thoughts on work and life alike. Highly recommended

Suprateek Mitra

When it comes to finding a life coach who truly cares about your well-being and can help you navigate challenging relationship issues, there is no one better than Ruchi Sarna. I cannot express enough gratitude for the immense positive impact she has had on my life. Thanks to Ruchi's insightful guidance, I have experienced remarkable improvements in my relationships with my  parents and colleagues. With her unique and effective coaching style, I now feel more confident and capable of communicating effectively and handling any situation with ease. If you're looking for a life coach who truly cares and has the expertise to help you achieve your goals, Ruchi Sarna is the perfect choice.

Rishi Luthra

The main thing I love about working with Ruchi is that she is completely accepting.  I feel like I can say anything without being judged.  She also has insight and offers thoughtful and helpful observations which I can apply to my professional and personal life easily.  I would recommend anyone to Ruchi as a life coach and counsellor.

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